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New Album Coming Soon

COLORBLOODS plays a musical role in the powerful new Microsoft campaign, THE COLLECTIVE PROJECT:

YouTube Link

Get it on iTunes.

Coming soon!

The frightful and well-crafted anthology of horror tales that director Brent Sims has put together in this 14-minute short film is now out and ready for your Halloween viewing pleasure! Brent asked me to record a version of Henry Hall’s 1932 song Teddy Bear Picnic for the film. About 4 minutes into the short at “chapter 2″ you can catch my rendition. The project was fun and the film turned out great!


This Saturday evening (September 20th, 2014) at OMG in East Nashville @ 7 pm central,
Brooke Waggoner will perform as part of the Nashville-based musical collective,

Comprised of members from the bands
Foreign Fields (,
Canon Blue (,
Leagues (,
alongside the cello workings of Hitoshi Yamaguchi,
& the violin musings of Ben Kaufman
the evening promises to be one of magic filled with improvisational music
based on loose themes written by Daniel James (Canon Blue) and Brooke Waggoner.

Aaron Joseph ( will add video & visuals taking the whole evening to the MAX.

Intimate venue, so plan to get there early.
Come Join In!

-BW Helm


I recently sat down with “Embody Your Muse” for a little Q&A. We discuss my new studio space, the responsibility of art, and loads more. Check out the link if you like:

Embody Your Muse

YouTube Link

Purchase the song here:

This Thursday night promises to be very special! Artist, author, & poet Cory Basil is showcasing his incredible work at the amazing gallery, OZ Nashville. Looking forward to adding music with his visuals and words! Guest visual art collaborators include: Donny Smutz, Jonathan Richter, Brian Somerville, and Anthony Jastrow.

It’s that magical time of year again… the time when record collectors, music geeks, and sonic curators seriously come out of the woodworks for all the deals & specials that Record Store Day has to offer! And this year, we’ve got a BIG deal for you!

A L L cds & vinyl will be 50% off one-day-only starting at the stroke of midnight tonight (central time zone) ending 24 hours later through the duration of April 19.
Just enter the code RSD when checking out from the store.

And, Brooke recently recorded a stellar cover of Nirvana’s incredible song Polly for the upcoming Nashville-based compilation album The Cover Up (releases April 22 on iTunes). Check out the link to hear the song premiere! And be sure to download your copy of the album next week!

Other offerings from the compilation include:

  • Trent Dabbs – Hold On, We’re Going Home (Drake)
  • Ella Mae Bowen – When You Were Young (The Killers)
  • Mindy White – Get Lucky (Daft Punk)
  • Amy Stroup – It Must’ve Been Love (Roxette)
  • Andrew Albert – Nobody Knows It But Me (Tony Rich Project)
  • Secondhand Serenade – Counting Stars (One Republic)
  • Jade Demure – Sweater Weather (The Neighbourhood)
  • Jeremy Lister – You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You (Dean Martin)
  • Poema – Crying (Roy Orbison)
  • Julia Sheer – “Still Into You” (Paramore)
  • Elenowen – “Walking on a Dream” (Empire of the Sun)!

Happy Shopping!!

The B-Team

If you’re anything like me, you’re silently waiting for the promise of spring, a whisper of warmth.
This Nashville winter has been brutal!
To help conjure imagery of what’s to come, I’m releasing the single “The High Wind (Studio Version).”
You can visit my bandcamp to download the previously unreleased version of the song that never made the ORIGINATOR album cut.
It’s packed with birdies, wildlife, fresh breezes & balmy seas.
Soak it in, nice and easy.

image by the illustrious RORSHAK

And, I am SO EXCITED to announce that I’ve signed a deal with the Beijing-based label, Pocket Records and will be touring the beautiful country of China this summer!
See dates & cities below.
Stay tuned for specifics on venues.

In the realm of interviews, BMI’s Brad Wilson and Stan Edward came over to my studio recently.
You can eavesdrop on the entire conversation via No Country For New Nashville

or, for iTunes access of the podcast download visit here.

A few other tidbits that have been floating around the social spheres the last few weeks…..
Dive in if you like “live” music and beautifully shot film:
Serial Box // TMB Live:

And catch a deeper look into my story and the plan on how to continue shaping the work:
The Music Bed // In-Depth Interview

From my heart to your’s, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear Friends,

Thank you.

I wanted to write you all a letter telling you how grateful I am for you.

In all sincerity, I don’t think I could continue making music and touring and writing without your support. For those of you unaware of how valuable a role you play in making art and song a reality, know this:
In a sea of endless music, fickle consumers, a de-valuing of art, an onslaught of bad “art,” and a climate of culture ever-competing for fame & notoriety —- I find solace in you.
You continue to buy my art & encourage me with your emails and stories. It is NEVER taken for granted. 
I thank you for 2013. You’ve kept my music ALIVE and unhindered.
Forever & Humbly Yours — Brooke

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